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Ice2D™ - Game Engine. New features include Tween engine and class to allow smooth elastic movements and other behaviors like color and fades!


Ice2D™ v1.88. SDK released for download in the Forum. New features include Ice3DLight for dynamic point and directional lights in 3D and Improved Fonts


DracullSoft™ has released v1.88 of Ice2D™ - Game Engine (previously named DxIce). New features IsoMetric path finder and new and 2010 express game template. Make the first game in 5 minutes!

ICE 2D™ - Imagine it! Code it! Enjoy it!

Download the Free SDK in the Forum. Download the Demo Suite and try some samples.

Ice2D™ - Game Engine


Ice2D™ Game Engine targets commercial game development with focus on independent games and tools developers. Ice2D™ is designed to be used for rapid development of multimedia and games with focus on 2D / 2.5D / simple 3D Mesh / Iso Metric graphics, Music and Video.

DxIce 3D Scenes
IceID Isometric Games
Yet Another Space Shooter

Dx9Ice Demo Suite

Click here to download ZIP file with v1.80 demo suite (12 MB - older demo). Unzip and read the readme.txt

DxIce SDK Download size: 12 MB
DxIce Engine Deployment Size: less than 1 MB
Run on: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows7
Royalty: Free! - also for commercial games
Requirements: DirectX9c aug 2009 or higher - are already installed on most systems.
Development Tools: Any program language that can do COM such as VB6 or VB.NET C#.NET 2010 Express.
Services: If you need help debugging your commercial game or require a special feature or fix then contact us.

For more details take a look at the feature highlights below.

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Feature Highlights

Ice2D™ Engine
Compact, Flexible and Fast!

  • Full Screen or Window mode!
  • Window mode is sizeable!
  • Easy Deployment as Ice2D Engine is a single ActiveX DLL with a few std DLLs!
  • DirectX9 Hardware Accelerated!
  • Fixed or Time-Phased frame rates!
  • Sprite and Overlay Robots for shoot and forget programming!
  • BeautifulFX and Explosions!
  • Timed Events!
  • Resouce Packing and encryption to protect game resources!
  • Background Tiler!
  • Easy and smooth update from DxGame Engine and Dabooda Game Engine!
  • Flexible Texture manager!
  • Smooth multi-layered Maps with Autosnap and Movement with Sprite!
  • Fast Bitmap Fonts!
  • Buildin Sound and Music engine via DirectX
  • Oggs, acc+, mp3 support provided the matching ax filters are installed!
  • Video Overlays (limitted)
  • Easy Keyboard and Mouse handling!
  • ScreenShot Saving feature!
  • Render to Texture!
  • Automatically game pause when window is out of focus
  • New in V1.1: Iso Metric Graphics!
  • New in V1.1: Tiler. Great for animated background like space gaze, moving water or clouds used with 2D and Iso Map!
  • New in V1.1: Mouse support with sprites in windowed and full screen mode!
  • New in V1.2: Improved Screen handling!
  • New in V1.2: Faster!
  • New in V1.2: Loops and improved Sprites support!
  • New in V1.2: DirectX9 support!
  • New in V1.2: Bass music and sound support including tracker mods!
  • New in V1.3: Simple 3D rendering!
  • New in V1.3: 3D Mesh loading and rendering!
  • New in V1.3: 3D Mesh scale, rotation and position in 3D!
  • New in V1.3: Basic Z Buffering for 3D objects!
  • New in V1.3: Texture loading from Compiled VB6 Resource File!
  • New in V1.3: 3D Camera!
  • New in V1.4: Line and Box Draw in Gradient Colors and transparency!
  • New in V1.4: Many VB6 Sample Games with source!!
  • New in V1.4: VB.Net 2010 Express Game Template - Make a game in 5 min.!
  • New in V1.4: Game Scene Manager improving game code structure!
  • New in V1.4: Automatic Fade in and Fade out between Game Scenes!
  • New in V1.4: Simple 2D Physics including force, velocity and rotation!
  • New in V1.4: Improved FX interface with Delay and Progress!
  • New in V1.4: Enhances to Sprite Robots!
  • New in V1.4: New Collision Detection!
  • New in V1.5: YASS! Yet Another Space Shooter sample game
  • New in V1.5: YASS comes with source code in VB6 and VB.NET 2010 express!
  • New in V1.5: IceSprite class enhanced with easy to use CatMullRom Spline Paths!
  • New in V1.5: IceSprite class automatic "Shoot" method!
  • New in V1.5: IceTiler enhanced with more control options and Shake effect!
  • New in V1.5: New Fx Effects including Sprite tails!
  • New in V1.6: More Crispy Look to the rendering of sprite's and tilers
  • New in V1.6: Fixed and Updated IceFont with Scaling and Colors to fonts!
  • New in V1.6: Direct 2D & 3D Texture Blit!
  • New in V1.6: Improved Camara and Perspective control in 3D!
  • New in V1.6: InitializeDisplay enhanced with auto select or fixed monitor refreshrates
  • New in V1.7: Beach Ball Bouncing sample that show how to toggle full screen and windowed mode and widescreen display
  • New in V1.7: Bitmap Font typewriter feature. Nice for diplaying info on screen in a cool way
  • New in V1.7: BlitTextureUV, BlitTexture and BlitTexture3D complete control on how textures are blit into 2D and 3D space
  • New in V1.7: Make Screenshots in JPG, BMP, PNG, DDS or DIB
  • New in V1.7: Spline paths in 2D including line rendering and multiple cycles
  • New in V1.8: C#.Net 2010 Express Game Template - Make a game in 5 min.!
  • New in V1.8: Sprite shadows and extra user properties
  • New in V1.8: Sounds and Game time is automatically paused if game is minimized or out of focus
  • New in V1.8: Improved performance for Rotated Sprites
  • New in V1.8: Iso Path Finder and several render options for terrain and path
  • New in V1.8: Iso Game Extended to show how to use the Path Finder
  • New in V1.8: Sprite Robot examples for auto movements
  • Newest: Ice3DLight point and directional 3D dynamic hardware acceleration/>
  • Newest: Ice3DLight features rendering lens and tails sprites as well as light casting
  • Newest: Ice3DMesh loading and modifying Materials
  • Newest: FXTool for creating Particle effects
  • Newest: Batch Mode rendering speeds up game Frame rates on low end machines (e.g. NoteBooks)
  • Newest: Setup Script to create installers for your Game (using Inno Setup)
  • ... and many other minor enhancements...

Some Shareware games released or in the making
Shareware game released
Isometric shareware game
Warp Flight freeware game

Enter the Forum and download the Free DxIce SDK